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Intended as a case study for international profiling on all of OERFs lists and home page / front page news link on WikiEducator.

Possible interview questions ...

Meet Chris Geith / MSUGlobal
Stream a short video vignette here of Chris / MSUGlobal to welcome and inspire visitors ...

MSUglobal implements a Revenue, Research and Reputation model. How does the OER approach contribute to the attainment of your strategic objectives?

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MSUglobal Learning Solutions is an entrepreneurial unit which generates revenue. OER sceptics may argue that open approaches are at loggerheads with commercial objectives. How do you see OER leveraging and promoting revenue generating activities for your university?

MSUglobal leads by example. For instance, your corporate website uses a default Creative Commons Attribution License. What are the reasons underpinning your decisions to use an open content license?

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Michigan State is a land-grant university with a respected international reputation in the Agricultural sciences. You are collaborating on an inspirational and ground breaking OER initiative for agriculture. Can you tell us little about the AgShare project and the mutual benefits for participating organisations?

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From your desk, what do you see to be the main advantages of joining the OER Foundation in supporting you to achieve your organisational objectives?

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