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Back to the future of OER: International reflections on quality, professional development and sustainability in education

OER is education's best example of the return to the core values of teaching --- to share knowledge freely. The things we value most in life, not surprisingly require the most effort. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource, and herein lies the power of the scarcity paradox of digital OERs. Individually we loose nothing by sharing digital resources but the world has everything to gain. In this short presentation, Wayne will highlight significant reflections derived from our international open content experiences pertaining to quality, professional development and maximising return on our collective OER investment. It is possible to see the future that has already happened and we invite all educators to join us in realising the potential of OER for our learners. Working together in building sustainable OER ecosystems at an international level, we can achieve far more than working alone. To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi: "You can be the change you want to see in the OER world".

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