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Always running low on gold? Never seem to have enough gold to afford critted gear in the Auction Hall? Not earning enough gold to finance your equipment can be frustrating, especially if you are short on time or patience. Don't let this problem hold you back. The Lord of the Rings Online Gold guide is your first step into making an abundant pool of gold. No longer you will have to endlessly farm mobs. The guide will take you to another level of gold making mastery.

Gold making strategies: Farming mobs, gathering ores or crafting armor pieces for trade? Which one is more profitable? Making gold requires dedication and determination. The author has put a lot of hours into play-testing different gold making strategies. Discover which methods rake in the most gold. The LotRO Gold Guide gives you the most powerful gold making strategies so you never run out of gold again.

Making lorol gold from crafting: Gave up on crafting already? You'll think again after you know the true gold making potential it holds. If you think crafting yields no gold, either you are in the wrong profession or you are not making the right items. Leave the guesswork to others while the Lotro gold Guide analyzes each profession and compares them in terms of gold making potential. Even if you picked a less profitable profession, you receive hints on how to maximize your earnings.

Mastering craft skills: Why bother? Gain the benefit of mastery craft skills and make your items sell for more. The LotRO Gold Guide takes you step-by-step, through each profession from apprentice to grand master. Everything you need to know about the crafting quests including required levels, locations, quest givers and instructions is explained in detail.

Every penny saved is a penny earned: Don't waste your gold on expensive gear and items but learn how to make them yourself! Free yourself from buying items in the Auction Hall and from spending long nights farming. The Buy lotro gold Guide provides you with all you need to know to make your own items.

Exploring and money making: Make quick gold as you explore the world of Middle Earth. The gathering professions are some of the most lucrative gold making opportunities in the game. At virtually zero cost, you're reaping maximum profit. If you're already making some gold out of gathering activities, the LotRO Gold Guide makes sure you do that twice as fast and easily double your income.

Auction Hall: Outsmarted by the guys in the Auction Hall? Lowering your prices regularly to clear your stock? Not everyone is born a merchant, but everyone can learn it from an expert. The LotRO Gold Guide reveals everything you need to know about the Auction Hall from the basics to the tricks that those foxes use to gain advantages over the market.

Trophy farming: Grinding monsters sounds repetitive and boring but you can make a killer income. Make money from the most wanted rare components that sell to other crafters for a fortune. The LotRO Gold Guide offers insider information on what other crafters need and provides complete lists of named mobs with their locations.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!