Logging into the Otago Polytechnic Network/creating a new folder in H drive

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Computer drives and folders

Double click on the icon called My Computer. In here you will find an icon which will have your usercode name on it. This is your "space" on the Polytechnic network. Any files saved in this "space" can be accessed by you from any network computer. You will notice there are several icons with names that have letters in brackets after them i.e. 31/2 Floppy (A:). These are called drives. Some common ones you will encounter are:

  • A drive: floppy disc
  • C drive: the computer hard drive
  • E drive: CD Roms
  • H drive: where your personal files are

It may help if you think of these drives as filing cabinets. The folders as being inside the filing cabinet, and your individual documents as pages (or groups of pages) inside the folders.

Create a new folder in H: drive called Computing 111.

When working on the Polytechnic network you as a student have been allocated a "space" which is available to you to store your files. This is the 'H' drive.

  1. Double click on the icon My Computer
  2. Double click on the icon which has your user code name on it (it is in H: drive).
  3. Click File
  4. Select new and then click on folder.
  5. Type, Computing 111, in the space where the words New Folder are highlighted. This will change the name of the folder from New Folder to Computing 111.
  6. Close the window by clicking on the go away box.