Local Medicinal Plant Leaves

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Name of School: Chubikopi Primary School Class teacher: Loiley Nonga

Year: 6

Lesson Title: Local Medicinal Plant Leaves

Date: 21/4/11

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, learners should be able to;

  1. Identify and name some of theMarovo local medicinal plant leaves used by our ancestors in the past that we still use nowadays.
  2. Write about the steps involved in making the local medicines.
  3. Recognise and value their local environment (especially the forest and its habitats)

Introduction Teacher introduces the lesson title by telling the children a famous story about a ‘Red Indian Chief’.

Teacher activities:

  1. Teacher share the Marovo Encyclopedia to the learners and together look up for medicinal plant leaves.
  2. Teacher divide learners into groups of 4.
  3. Teacher explain the task for the field trip.
  4. Teacher call for every group back to the classroom.
  5. Teacher share A4 papers to each learner.

Learner activities:

  1. Learners go into their group.
  2. Based on informations given learners then go outside to carry out the task given.
  3. Each group member brings his/her leaf to the classroom.
  4. Learners each received a copy of an Encyclopedia and try to look up for some of the common medicinal plants.
  5. Each learner writes about his/her leaf.

Reinforce the importance of their local environment.
Pupils paste their work on the wall for class display.

Learner evaluation:

Learners realized the importance and virtue of their local environment and their traditional and cultural heritage.

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