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Literary Connection Activity

Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth. New York: Viking, 2006.

Using the book, An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, teachers can make a connection to the Water Around and Around Again science activity. The students should be asked to read chapters six through eight of the book, either as a class or on their own at home. The book is very accessible for younger students in terms of the reading level, and the information will help the students gain an understanding of global warming. After the students read the chapters, assign the students a homework assignment to brainstorm the effects of global warming on the water cycle. Students can brainstorm the possible connections and also generate a list of ways to slow down the process of global warming. The following day, students can debate and discuss their ideas. After the discussion, the class can generate a list of ways they will help to slow the process of global warming and this list can be posted in the classroom.

Blooms Taxonomy: This literary connection utilizes multiple levels of Blooms Taxonomy. The students will use their knowledge of the water cycle and global warming to analyze their connections and effects. In addition, students will use the level of application to generate the list of ways to slow global warming. Finally, after the list is generated, the students can evaluate the effectiveness of their list.

This literary activity relates to Water Around and Around Again
a BES literature connection
Produced by students in Biology in Elementary Schools, a Saint Michael's College class.
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