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 As retired bank manager 60 my dream is to have meaningful retirement. Keeping in view this objective among other resources I got opportunity to read Financial Times in U.K. regularly. This has helped me to understand that in the 21st century people will need skill to be comfortable thinking and producing on screen. The importance of   this skill lies in the fact that University of Illinois Springfield under Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) “Online Learning Today...and tomorrow” discussed with more than 2000 world wide participants for 8 weeks.
  Wiki Educators are very friendly .They follow the mantra “: just try it! Our community will support you “I am thankful for them as true spirit is clearly evident for which two instances quoted here.
  (1) Patricia Schlicht ji  offered me abundance source of inspiration  as    ‘Just like you I have started to make my way through the subject matter and 6 years later, I have become an advocate for Open Education Resources and the OER Foundation, the foundation under which Wiki Educator found its home ’
(2) Ramesh Sharma ji always find opportunity to help me to tease out my potential as   Ramesh Sharma says: Input from Mr. Harbans Singh Sidhu   in  written by Wayne Mackintosh      . Wiki Educators offered me   another opportunity by e L 4C51 to improve skill to get as early as possible involved with the Learning4Content initiative to have meaningful retirement. 







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