Lighthouse Lighting Strategy

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The required tasks

Eadgar trick. After the ladders and filling repaired lighting, communication stations, Trollheim, to the use of shortcut keys at the bottom

of hill. Open the scope of protection, and run a war against God's dungeon.

Squeezed through the / set aside to go rock and the north (running energy will automatically drop 0). Go after passing by the

melee of rock protection, Drinks Super restore (restore all of the statistics), and, if necessary. Lit the lighthouse


Teleport back to your runescape accounts Trollheim (here, a cup of super restore if necessary,

you may receive the Teleport drinking). Run to the foot using the shortcut, and then run a small southern two mountains,

requires 64 flexibility, climb. According to pan the necessary (summer pie, agile pharmaceutical, tireless run scrolls, deep

invisible (deep latent persons) increased agility roll. A reference to help guide a better understanding of agility.) A

beacon of light in this location.

Climbed down into the wilderness quick agile, accept all the warnings, if necessary. Run south, a beacon of light in the

death of the plateau. Then, start running directly north.You will arrive at a temple, the temple of the chaos. Once here,

there should be a little further north, when the climb up the ladder to the lighthouse next to you. Lit the lighthouse


Climbed down the ladder and run north. You will reach a door, go through it too. Then, run slightly northeast, you will reach

the lighthouse frozen plateau. Light this point.

Began to run back to the door, and through it. Run southeast, turned against the Ice Warriors to protect magic / Giant /

Revenants if needed. You will reach obelisk. Click one of the four support and pulsating sphere should appear in it. To the

obelisk and mobile climb into the center.

You should be long-distance transmission, hoping to another less than 30 wilderness obelisk. If so, the glorious delivery

point out, or less than 20 wilderness, with the game necklace telecommunications Burthorpe game room. Either way, be sure to

end in the game room. Climb stairs, run east lighthouse. Rail and Light up the hanging of this lighthouse. Next, use the earth altar altar tablets of telecommunications on Earth. Run north, hop groove, eastern and running, which

ditches and jumps. Continue to run east and light the black knight castle near the lighthouse (the other option is to fight

Abbey Telecom bracelet (1-4), and went to beacon.its the best way to get runescape gold and runescape power leveling) Use the wizard village of the ball you are the wizard village of telecommunications and run in the northeast direction (the

wizard village of the ball Telecommunications random locations within the wizard village of you), and a beacon of light here. Use your glory amulet to telecommunications Edgeville, and in the light beacon of the north bank.

East to run, after the bridge jump in the ditch. East continues to run, until you and a little north to the lighthouse. Light

this point.

East continues to run, you will reach another lighthouse. Light this point.

Continued, a beacon of light in the east of the last one.

Skip ditch, which runs through to the Canifis door. In accordance with the path until you reach the number of steps, to the

odd old rag and bone man from the pursuit of leadership. From his or slightly west, climbing steps. Lit the lighthouse here. Run down the steps and continue to follow the path until you reach the Paterdomus Temple. Lit the lighthouse here.i like a ヴ

ヴィトン コピー.