Life Skills Development/Unit One/Wellness and Self Care (Stress Management)

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After completing this section, you should be able to:

  • Identify different categories and types of stress (e.g.- eu-stress; distress and general environmental stress);
  • Identify how the body reacts to stress;
  • Identify the potential stressors which impact on mental and emotional stability and well-being; and how not dealing with stress can be harmful;
  • Identify and practise problem-solving strategies for determining the root causes of stress;
  • Identify and practise coping skills to alleviate negative stress;
  • Identify potential adverse and high-risk situations which could lead to stress
  • Assess one’s state of mental and emotional health
  • Identify appropriate sources of information, products, services and costs related to mental and emotional health and stress management.

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  • How often are you stressed?
  • What are the symptoms that you experience that tell you that you are stressed
  • What steps do you take to release your stress?
  • How does stress affect your emotions?

All of the above questions serve to introduce you to some of the topics we'll be discussing soon. Keep the answers to these questions close to you as you review this lesson.

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