Life Skills Development/Unit One/Drug Education

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Effective performance in the workplace depends not only upon the ability to perform specific technical tasks but also on the reliance of appropriate work-habits and attitudes. Many persons in our country need to access training programmes and employment but are unable to do so because of their drug habit. To uplift their economic and family life, they need to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to rid them of their negatives attitudes and behaviours.


To develop competencies to make ethical choices and avoid high risk behaviour regarding legal and illegal drugs; and to understand and overcome dependencies.

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After completing this section, you should be able to:

  • Identify legal and illegal drugs and the effects when used and/or abused;
  • Research and analyse the impact of alcohol, cocaine and other drugs on behaviour and lifestyle;
  • Develop skills to resist drug abuse;
  • Identify triggers to drug and alcoholic abuse ( i.e. feelings of isolation, loneliness, boredom, despair, poverty, neglect, peer pressure, social and cultural expectations);
  • Apply problem-solving strategies to find solutions to drug abuse; and to reinforce self-control over behaviour;
  • Cognitive coping skills and relaxation strategies including verbal and non-verbal assertive skills;
  • Acquire coping skills to deter behaviours and lifestyles associated with crime, drugs and violence;
  • Re-define self and positively reinforce self-perception before peers;
  • Demonstrate ways to use adverse experiences for personal growth and development;
  • Recognize risks to mental and emotional well-being;
  • Access appropriate sources of information, products, services and costs related to use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs.

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