Life Skills Development/Unit Five/Communications and Securing Employment

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By the end of this Unit you will be able to:

  • Identify the key steps or strategies in doing a productive job search, including skills assessment, obtaining labour market information, assessing the job markets and sourcing job opportunities.
  • Identify and use the main trends (global and local) and other factors driving change and re-defining the new work environment from the perspective of both the worker and the employer in making informed decisions. (Including trade agreements like the FTAA, CSME etc.)
  • Prepare appropriate employment application letters and forms, cover letters and résumés.
  • Display techniques and behaviours required for a successful interview.

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Looking for a job and successful entry into the job market is a complicated and engaging process requiring particular and deliberate action on the part of the participant with respect to preparing for and attending the interview.

You will need to acquire essential job search skills and approaches in order to compete in the changing labour market where the recruitment and selection process is becoming more and more competitive and complex.

  • Do you know how to construct a resume?
  • How would you rate your job interview skills?

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