Life Skills Development/Module One/Self Awareness Self Esteem

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Introduction and Rationale

This unit.....

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After completing this section, you should be able to:

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What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is how much we value ourselves.We either have high self-esteem or wee have low self-esteem.If we have low self-esteem it is not the end of the world, like everything else we can take charge and learn to appreciate ourselves and improve our self-esteem.

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Let us start by finding out how much we value ourself

Put a circle around the words which best describes you.

Happy Often unhappy
Friendly Does not have friends
Relaxed anxious
Trustworthy Does not trust yourself
Healthy Often sick
confident lacks confidence
willing to try harder gives up easily


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Setting goals for improving our self-esteem.

For each of the suggested ways in which we can improve our self-esteem write out something you can try out. Choose one or two to work on at first the add others.

  • Know ourself-List down our qualities, achievements, things we can do and our weaknesses
  • Respect ourself-What things can we do well? Do not compare yourself with others all the time
  • Love ourself-What do you do or can do to make ourself happy and healthy?
  • Affirm ourself-Tell others about something that is really important to us.

Trust ourself-What can we rely on ourselves for?What good decisions have we taken before?

  • Accept ourself-Think of what you can do well. Think of our weaknesses as areas we can improve on.
  • Show ourself-Let people know you really are? Interact with others.
  • Stretch ourself-Do new things, try new things, challenge yourself
  • Self-discipline-Set rules and deadlines and follow them
  • Nourish ourself-Take care of your mind, your body, feelings, have good friends, good food, exercise,read good books, entertain yourself with good experiences, enjoy yourself, be happy.
  • Be ourself-we are unique, we cannot be replaced and we cannot be somebody else.
  • Share ourself-get to know others, have friends.
  • Go beyond ourself-discover new horizons,it is all out there for us


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This unit covers....