Life Skills Development/Module Four

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Money Management may be defined as the process of managing money, including investments, budgeting, banking, and taxes.

Managing your money is an essential life skill. When you know what you're doing, it really isn't so difficult. Once you've left home, the only person responsible for your financial health is you, so it's good to know the essentials. Managing your money can help reduce the stress levels that you experience throughout your life. It can help you to plan for unexpected events and expenses. A budget is a plan for spending and savings. It is a financial plan of income and expenditure which assists you in managing your finances. Subsequently we will learn about appropriate budgeting principles.Some learners make the choice and become entrepreneurs even while they are formally studying: they provide services such as barbering and manicures for a small financial return from their friends.This module will consider the qualities and the main tools of an entrepreneur.

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At the end of the Module learners will be able to:

Understand the importance of acquiring specific /appropriate skills that will assist them in practicing as well as adhering to good principles with regard to budgeting,spending,saving and investing.

Adopt and follow realistic procedures when making decisions about starting a business as well as when preparing a budget or spending,saving and investing money. This will assist the learners in managing their finances efficiently.

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Unit 1:Budgeting

Unit 2:Consumerism

Unit 3:Savings and Investment

Unit 4:Entrepreneurship