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Leadeship Styles

There are three classical leadership styles:

  • Autocratic/Authoritarian Leadership-This leadership style is more direct and controlling where the leader exercises absolute power and determines the policies of the group. This style does not encourage inter communication among group members and for this reason it allows for little change for the development of each member of the group. Members focus on productivity and goals and there strength is to get the work done.
  • Democratic/Participative Leadership-This type draws strength from the group as a whole and the dignity of each member is respected. Members focus on the process of decision making and everyone has a voice. These leaders are good listners and very cooperative.
  • Laissez Faire/Delegative Leadership-In this type the leader is the only stimulater and provides materials and informations to group members. The leader allows members to make the decisions but he/she is still responsible for decisions that are made. Because everyone is involve in the group's task, there is a feeling of unity within the group.