Life Skills Development/Basic on the types of Contraceptives

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Basics on the Types of Contraceptives

The Intrauterine Device (IUD

This is a tiny coil like method that stops a fertilised egg from settling in the uterus. This device must be inserted into the uterus by a doctor and the use of a special instrument. The IUD can stay in the uterus for a year or more. It must be removed again by the doctor.This method prevents pregnancy but not STI/HIV.


As compare to the pill, this is a hormone injections given to women to stop the release of an egg every month. The only difference is that the injections is given every 12 weeks and others every 8 weeks and not every day. It prevents pregnancy but not STI/HIV.


This method is a natural but ineffective contraceptive method. This method involves taking out the penis before ejacualtion occurs but not necessarily prevents pregnancy since some sperm may be released before ejaculation. It does not prevent against HIV/STI.

Natural Family Planning

This involes avoiding sex during the time that an egg is ready to be fertilized-fertile period in the menstrual cycle. But it is very risky in preventing pregnancy since it may be difficult to determine this time. This method does not prevent against STI/HIV.