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Ken Udas once challenged a "libre" advocate[1] to argue for "Free".

Here is a start using some of the arguments of the free software movement.

Conduct debates, build your own "free vs libre" tables and feel free to populate and extend this table with arguments for/against and counter-arguments:

Free Libre
The word is familiar in English There are many loanwords in English and "libre" is a useful addition (growing in popularity).
In such contexts, someone will have to point out the real meaning, and then people will get it, and not make the same mistake again. The word "free" is ambiguous and in some contexts this causes real confusion. Even after explaining the difference, confusion can persist, and it has to be re-explained every time there are new listeners present. Perhaps we should not use the word "free" at all in this context (use only "gratis" and "libre")
When searching for "free" resources, irrespective of the intended meaning, people will also find and learn about free/libre resources. Given the extent to which the web has been commercialised, the hit rate will be strongly biased towards gratis meaning. This strategy will ensure the confusion persists, unless the search engines become significantly more intelligent (semantic web).
"Free" is consistent with its use in the context of free software upon which the free/libre knowledge concept is based. Libre is now an accepted loanword in English and is more precise and unambiguous.
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  1. The challenge came after publication of Say Libre to one of the authors: original link, an link.
  2. Also: available here: