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                                                  LESSON PLAN FORMAT

Class Information

Language Level_______________________ Length of class/activity_________________ Number of Students______________ Ages_____________________________________ Location:___________________________ Instructor_____________________________ Major Skills: Listening Speaking Reading Writing Topic:

TESOL Standards-1 or 2 if appropriate, for K-12


1.) Ss will

2.) Ss will

3.) Ss will

Linguistic skills (Grammar, Function, Vocabulary): i.e. present perfect with “ever"

list specific structures & vocabulary that you will elicit, teach, or expect to be used

Materials: A plan is incomplete without the necessary materials and they must be ready to use, so attach them to the plan and list them here.





Lesson Steps or Activities (be as specific as possible) Scripting is necessary here so that your language level, instructions, and teacher talk is clear to the reader of the plan and usable by other teachers


(approx. # minutes) Schema Building, checking, with scripting


(approx. # minutes) Lead In, Comments you use to start, scripting


(approx. # minutes) the lesson contents students work on, i.e. the grammar structure they will practice, the writing skills or vocabulary they learn, the reading on which they will do work, the textbook lecture and your scripted comments


(approx. # minutes) the activities in which the students practice the contents, i.e. grammar practice, reading skills practice, writing practice


(approx. # minutes)—your formal or informal assessment of whether or not the students have now done what your objective said they would do, and how well they did them, i.e., did they “get it”


(approx. # minutes) Further use of the material or skill

Additional Activities and Potential Problems

—your ”What If” plans and reflections; i.e. they didn’t do the homework that is the base of your plan, etc.