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Lesson Plan for Form 2 English

Lesson Objectives Topic Activity OLPC activity Skills/knowledge gained OLPC activities and methods
Compare and contrast Village and Town life in Tuvalu Village and Town life. To be able to collect, and use the information from the survey to write a composition about the topic. 1. Divide the class in groups (4 members) .Ask them to dramatise a story about Town and Village life in Tuvalu.

2. In their groups ask them to interview their family members of what they think of Town and Village life

3. List the advantages and disadvantages of Town and Village life

4. Search in the Internet for photos of Town and Villages life

5. Share their findings with others

6. Write their composition using the information given

# Collecting information using tools like record

#write an essay or composition using the information given

#type using the laptop

#sharing their ideas and information

using neighbours

Student groups write scripts for the short drama collaboratively using Write Activity

Using one XO they video their performance and share with class

Use Commons Wikimedia site to search images, and Wikip[edia/Wikieducator

Take photos with Record

Use Write to write essays with

  • Link 1
  • PEC – Pg 90
  • Laptops

  • Test maximum length of video/audio recordings and quality
  • Test inserting downloaded photos into Write Activity
  • Have some prepared resources ready for students to use (photos and articles from Wikipedia/Wikieducator)
  • Test sharing video