Lesson Plan for Form 1 Students on the use of Microsoft Paint to create simple diagrams

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'This particular section will be mostly helpful to Form 1 Students or any novice user to learn about the basics of Microsoft Paint. While going through the learning materials, if ever you get any problems or have any suggestions on ways to improve the materials, you can always let me know via Email'


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  • To Open MS Paint
  • To search for the Toolbox, Color box, Drawing Area
  • To identify each icon of the Toolbox
  • To draw a particular shape- Ellipse
  • To close MS Paint

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Before going through these learning materials, it is fundamental that a user knows how to use a computer, that is how to switch it on, be familiar with Microsoft Office tools and also know the very basic operations like making use of the keyboard and mouse which are the input devices that will allow them to enter text and create diagrams.

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Teaching Aids
  • Paint Program installed on the computer
  • White board and Markers

The first part of the session will consist of:

  • Opening the Paint Program
  • Discovering the Tool box, Color box and drawing area
  • Making use of the Ellipse Tool to make a drawing

Students will be given a break for 10 mins to relax before the next session starts.

The second session will cover aspects like:

  • Making use of the Rectangle Tool to make drawings
  • Using the Eraser Tool to remove any unwanted part in the diagrams
  • Closing the Paint Program

To learn about the basic tools of Microsoft Paint, Click on HANDOUTS to download the pdf file. Read the instructions carefully and perform all the steps to carry out the required tasks and eventually complete the activities below

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  • How to open Paint?
  • How to close paint?
  • Draw diagrams of the Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool
  • List down five icons found in the Tool Box

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At the end of the lesson, you are able to:

  • Open MS PAINT
  • Locate Toolbox and Drawing Area
  • Identify the drawing tools(Icons)
  • Make use of the Ellipse Tool and other drawing tools
  • Use the Eraser Tool
  • Close MS PAINT

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