Lesson 6:Data and User

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This section explains what data is, how it is processed and how the user may submit data to the computer for processing.

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At the end of this section the learner should be able to:
  • Explain what is data.
  • Differentiate between data and information.
  • Explain how the computer processes information.
  • Explain how a user may submit data to the computer for processing.
  • Define input.
  • Define output.
  • Define storage devices.
  • Differentiate between input and output.

Lesson Content

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A user may input data from an input device like the keybpard or from a file located in a storage devicce. The processor works on the data in accordance with he instructions received either from input devices or computer programs and outputs information (which is the result of the processed data) via the uotput device indicated by the user or computer instructions.

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  • Define data and information and differentiate between them.
  • How may data be submitted to the comuter for processing?
  • What is a computer processor and what is its role?
  • Define storage device.
  • Wjat are the uses of storage devices?
  • Define and differentiate between input and output.
  • When does information become data?

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