Lesson 5: Constructional requirements for suspended timber floors

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The consideration of constructional requirements for suspended timber floor will provide you with the knowledge needed to ensure successful work. Requirements involved in the construction will guide you to undertake the construction of suspended timber floor. The knowledge will enable you achieve good construction results.

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The objective of this coarse is to facilitate to stakeholders how to improve quality of work on distant learning mode online.


The constructional requirements for suspended timber floor will involve strategies regarding the methods of work, the position of facilities and materials. The analysis of these requirements will enable you see the essence of quality work. REQUIREMENTS ON METHODS The following techniques will result in good suspended timber Floor: -- Correct position of an oversite concrete. -- Correct construction of honey combed sleeper walls to carry the suspended timber floor members. -- Provision of a wall plate on the sleeper wall. -- Provision of damp proof course between sleeper wall and floor joist. -- Provision of floor joist to receive the floor boards -- Air vent provision within the external wall is necessary to

  promote free circulation of air around the wooden members
  of the floor to prevent decaying.


REQUIREMENTS ON MATERIALS For effective functioning of the suspended floor, the following material requirements are important:

-- All materials used are required to be of good quality.
-- The timber members are required to be well seasoned to prevent any pre-mature decaying.
-- The sizing of the floor joist and wall plates must be according to the specified sizes and shapes for such work.
-- Timber members’ strength and durability should be enhanced through the use of appropriate preservatives.

REQUIREMENTS ON QUALITTY. The quality of the suspended timber floor is very important towards ensuring that it serves the purpose. The timber members especially the joist, boards, wall plates and others are required to have a uniform selection. This will enable you to determine how effective the suspended timber floor can be. Template:SUMMARY Interview at least 2 women who had given birth {{ask if thet had experience any problems/difficulties during ist trimester. if any what were they what did they did to overcome those problems