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Lesson 5: CultureItalic text

Definition Culture is defined as a means of finding a way to dissolve differences, of helping people work together. Culture originates from Anthropology, a study of evolution of human species. Edgar Schein defines culture as the deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of an organization, that operate unconsciously. The following illustration demonstrates the Schein’s model, being defined in three levels:

  • Artefacts and Creations
  • Values
  • Basic Assumptions

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a part of national culture and therefore, the latter has a lot of influence into the shaping of corporate culture.

The case of Japan National Culture in Japan is unique. People tend to work long hours, they are work alcoholics, and they believe work is sacred for them. Basically, the same culture applies to China, Singapore, and Japan. For instance, there have been cases of students in Japan where the latters committed suicide as a result of not getting a job. Thus, people are dedicated to their work and highly motivated. Culture, when managed, brings out commitment. Hence, the idea of culture management surged from the success of Japanese Culture.