Lesson 4: Suspended timber floor construction

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In the building industry, supended timber floors are constructed for special purposes. Your knowledge of this type of floor and how the various parts are linked will enable you understand their functions. Also you will be able to make rightful choices in deciding on which type of floor to use in a particular situation.

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The suspended timber floor construction as a section will include the concrete floor, sleeper walls, floor joints, wall plates etc. The identification of the components and their functions will enable you to have a good idea of the floor.


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PARTS OF A SUSPENDED TIMBER FLOOR The suspended timber floor involves the over site concrete slab, honey combed sleeper walls, wall plates and floor joints. The diagram of figure two shows the linkages between the various components of the floor. The examination of the illustration can help you to identify the functions of the various parts. FUNCTIONS OF THE PARTS OF SUSPENDED TIMBER FLOOR -- Sleeper walls serve as the main support to the load of the whole timber floor system. -- Floor joist serves as the barrier of the floor boards. It is to the joists that the floor boards are nailed. -- Wall plate functions as the main timber link between the timber floor system and the sleeper wall. -- Floor boards serve as the floor surface for the room. PRECEDURES The use of the following procedures for suspended timber floor construction is important. -- Ensure that the concrete floor is of high strength to receive the load of the timber floor system. -- Erect the sleeper walls at the appropriate layout and ensure that it is honey combed to provide adequate ventilation. -- Apply the damp proof course at the appropriate level. -- Place the wall plates correctly on the D.P.C. -- Place the floor joists at the set intervals across the wall plate. -- Finally, place the floor boards across the joist and nail accordingly. Template:SUMMARY Interview at least 2 women who had given birth {{ask if thet had experience any problems/difficulties during ist trimester. if any what were they what did they did to overcome those problems Template:READING