Lesson 4: Aims and Objectives of Police Service

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The general notion that people expect so much from the police mainly due to the fact that either they are ignorant of the police duties or the aims and objectives of the service hence the need to talk about it.

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  1. To educate and inform the public of the aims and objectives of the police service.
  2. To be able to hold the police responsible and accountable to the people.

Lesson Content

The general aims and objectives of the police may be classify into five categories. 1.Protection of life and property. 2.Prevention and detection of crime. 3.Preservation of peace and good order. 4.Apprehension and prosecution of offenders. 5.The due enforcement of all laws with which we are directly charged. There is a major one however that cut accros every society and that is th maintainance of law and order.

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It is the duty and responsibility of every policeman to protect the life of every one in the society and so if for instance two people are fighting or there is an accident any police officer on the scene or when call must come to the rescue of the person.

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There has been series of burglary in your area and when you call the police they feel reluctant to come.What do you do?

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Books on practical police duties and community policing