Lesson 3: Prevention and Detection of Crime

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the police officer,the crime stopper,image provived courtesy of flickr.com

Crime detection and its prevention is a very crucial aim of the police world wide.It involves not only the deployment of personel on patrol duties but also to detect crime.The police is committed to emplore all measures both proactive and reactive to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all.

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To inform and assure the public that police has a duty to perform to ensure a crime free society.To let the public also know that they have a role to play.

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Crime prevention is a term describing techniques used for reducing crime and criminal activities as well as deterring crime and criminals. It is applied specifically to efforts made by governments to reduce crime, enforce the law, and maintain criminal justice.

Lesson content

Crime prevention is a policy that seeks to reduce or elminate crime.It involves both government and community based programmes which aims at reducing crime and criminal participation.Governmemts all over the world has been urged to emplore proactive maesures and commit more resources into crime reduction rather than reactive measures in dealing with offenders,for the former is more cost effective.In other words,more efforts and resources must be put in place for the law enforcers to detect and deterr crime than its comission .}}

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The police are there not only to prevent crime,but to detect criminal activities as well.for instance the mere presence of a police officer on the street is enough to deterr the comission of a crime

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mention at least five ways you think the police can prevent crime in your community?

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