Lesson 3: Construction Requirements for Floors

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To enable the construction works to progress on floors, the knowledge of constructional requirements is very necessary. The requirements knowledge usually serve as the cross check for both workers and supervisors in the construction of ground floors, This section will enable you to understand the need to follows lay down procedures to achieve good construction results.

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The constructional requirements for floor construction will involve the strategies regarding materials methods and quality of work. The analysis of the issues will enlighten you to appreciate the essence of constructional requirements for floor. REQUIREMENTS ON MATERIALS For effective floor construction, it is required that the materials be of good quality. The sand and stones must be clean. The materials must be free from unwanted substances like salt, clay, silt, decayed plants and others. The use of materials containing the unwanted substances can render the concrete slab inferior. The strength and durability of the floor can be affected. REQUIREMENTS ON METHODS The following techniques will result in good ground floor: --Correct proportion of concrete mixture for floor. --Correct bathing of the materials. --Good mixing to ensure uniform paste/ texture. --Provision of hardcore free from decayed plants and Unwanted substances. --Tamping of hardcore to obtain a firm layer. --Set a gauge to ensure a consistent thickness of the ground floor slab. --Curing of the ground floor is a constructional requirement, which should not be avoided. Though the final activity of obtaining the required slab, no curing can render the slab useless. REQUIREMENTS ON QUALITY. Quality of the floors is one of the most important constructional requirements. It is expected that the slab must have a uniform texture. The hard nature of the slab must be uniform to reflect that slabs are constructed to be of high strength and density. Template:SUMMARY Interview at least 2 women who had given birth {{ask if thet had experience any problems/difficulties during ist trimester. if any what were they what did they did to overcome those problems Template:READING