Lesson 3.Recruitment, Selection and Placement

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Lesson 3: Recruitment, Selection and Placement

INTRODUCTION In the previous chapter, we highlighted the importance of human resources in the growth and development of organizations. Similarly, we noted that factors of production especially capital cannot be maximally and profitably utilized without adequate number of well trained, qualified and experienced human resources or manpower. Therefore staffing process which covers recruitment, selection and placement of personnel or human resources among others, should be handled with all seriousness in the interest of the individual and organization. Recruitment

Recruitment is concerned with identifying, attracting and choosing suitable people to meet an organization’s Human Resource requirements. According to Dowling and Schuler (1990), recruitment is about searching for and obtaining potential jobs characteristics in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organization can select the most appropriate people to fill its job requirements.

Selection and Placement

Selection is a process of gathering information for the purposes of evaluating and deciding who should be employed or hired for the short and Long-term interests of the individual and the organisation.In other words it is the process of getting the best of most qualified candidates from the pool of job seekers adjudged to have potential for job performance. The importance of selection and placement

• To fairly and without any element of discrimination evaluate job applicants in view of individual differences and capabilities. • To employ qualified and competent hands that can meet the job requirement of the organization • To place job applicants in the best interest of the organization and the individual. • To help in human resources manpower planning purposes in organization. • To reduce recruitment cost that may arise as a result of poor selection and placement exercises.

What factors affect Recruitment and Selection?''''''''

External factors- these factors are basically affected by the level of skills required on the scarcity and perceived value of labor. These factors include laws, economic forces, trade unions, ethnics, national culture, political banking, and labor market

Internal Factors These factors include the level of technology, the strategy employed by a company, the business life cycle.