Lesson 2: Talk shows

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Lesson two

30 minutes talkshow for the youth.

  • Topic;The National Youth Programme-Saviour of the Unemployed


The President H.E.J.A. Kufuor launched The Youth Empoyment Programme to provide the youth with jobs according to ones competencies.Those without skills are to be trained according to their choice. Those needing capital to set up their own businesses willbe given some seed money. THIS INTERVENTION HAS BEEN DESCRIBED AS THE SAVIOUR OF THE UNEMPLOYED.

Areas of discussion

  1. Background of programme
  2. Registration procedures
  3. Beneficiaries
  4. Management of funds.
  5. monitoring and evaluation of programme.


  1. National Co-ordinator
  2. National Youth Organisers of main Political Parties
  3. Rural bank manager


30 minutes LEFT