Lesson 2: Protection of life and property

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police poised to protect image provided courtesy flickr.com

Generally every individual enjoys a fundamental human rights which is enshrined in almost every constitution which includes the right or freedom to life and to own property and for that matter the police which is one of the organs of the state,is mandated to protect the life and property of every citizen.

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  1. To educate the public on the role police play to ensure thier safety and protection.
  2. to create awareness on police role and responsibilities

Lesson content

To achieve this mandate,the police is on duty twenty four hours seven days a week.In most cases,police stations and posts are created and manned all the time where complaints are received everyday and they acton it accordingly.The police also perfom patrol duties which involves both foot and highway patrolsin order to ensure a secure and peaceful environment.As said earlier,the policeman is expected to move to wherever there is a disturbances to maitain law and order.

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Protection here means safeguarding of somebody or something,thus the act of preventing somebody or something from being harmed or damaged.So then the police are committed to this aim of safeguarding the people as well as their properties.

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The police officer is expected to answer or attend to any distress call,to restore normalcy.Again when a police officer is confronted with situations like an accident or a fight somewhere he/she is suppose to restore order in order to protect the lives of those involved.

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How best do you think the police in your country is doing in the protection of life and property of the people?

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Books and handouts on practical police duties and general policing.

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