Lesson 2: Police Crime Report

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Crime report helps to get accurate picture of a crime being committed.Without crime report it will be very difficult to arrest criminals and at the same time distribute personnel in the planning of operation.

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By the end of the lesson the learner will be able to

  1. define crime report.
  2. state two importants of crime report.
  3. List three elements of crime report.

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Content of crime report

  • Heading {Every cime report must have a good heading This must be as precise as possible so that it must at first sight gives the reader a claer idea of what the writer wants to report on. The heading may take the form of a short phrase or a simple sentence or even a word whose meaning can be easily understood. .
  • Introduction [This must give the reader a brief idea about what is going to be said in the body of the report. It must be only one paragraph]
  • Body[The body of a crime report is nothing but detailed development of the incident being reported .It is made up of as many paragraph as possible depending on the various points being discussed.Each paragraph must be based on ONE main point. We only move on to the next paragraph as we completely exhaust that point.
  • Conclusion [This ought to be a brief summary of all the points raised in the body of the report.This also must take just one paragraph.
  • Recommendation [In many reports the writer usually makes his or her own recommendation as to what he or she feels about the whole case.Recommendation should be based on the available evidence before the writer and nothing else.

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Crime Report is a written account of an incident observed from one or more sources It can also be defined as the communication of information arranged in an accurate, concise, clear and complete manner, which then becomes a record of a given incidents to an interested party for decision to be made.

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What is crime report

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