Lesson 2: Ground Floor Construction

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Ground floors are very vital in the construction of a building. Since the safety of inhabitants of a house and the stability of the super-structure depends on the effectiveness of the floor, you need to understand the construction. This section considers the composition of a ground floor and how it will function effectively in a building.

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The ground floor construction as a section will involve the annotated illustration of the component parts namely: The foundation, the footing course, the hardcore filling and the concrete slab. The identification of the component parts regarding their functions to ensure an effective ground floor construction will be discussed.

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The ground floor construction involves the composition of the sub-structure. As shown in the diagram in figure one, the function of every part of the floor is important and interdependent on each other to give the desired outcome of the ground floor (over site concrete)

FUNCTIONS OF THE PARTS OF GROUND FLOOR --The over site concrete serves as the barrier between the ground floor and the inhabitants of the room. It therefore prevents the uprising of moisture or other forms of chemicals in the soil beneath. --The footing course transmits the load of the floor safely to the foundation concrete. --The hardcore filling serves as the firm base to receive the concrete slab and keep it in position to prevent any settlement. --The foundation concrete serves as the overall support and transmitter of all loads to the natural ground. In this context, the foundation concrete will ensure that the ground floor functions effectively without any failure. PROCEDURES FOR CONSTRUCTING GROUND FLOOR

The following procedures are necessary for a successful construction of a ground floor; 

--Fill the portions to be floored with gravels, crushed stones, broken blocks or bricks to the level of the footing course --Tamp the hardcore material to consolidate into a firm surface and well even up. -- Apply a cement sand mortar blinding on the hardcore surface. -- Mix concrete using the desired mixture. -- Set the thickness gauge for the concrete slab. -- Cast the concrete to the set gauge, tamp and even the surface -- Cure the concrete slab for a week to obtain required ground floor.


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