Lesson 2.Recruitment ,Selection,and Placement

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In the previous chapter, we highlighted the importance of human resources in the growth and development of organisatins. similarly ,we noted that facors of production especially capital ,cannot be maximally and profitablly utilized without adequate number of well trained, qualified and experienced human resources or manpower.Therefore staffing process which covers recruitment ,selection and placement of personnel or human resources among others, should be handled with all seriousness in the interest of the individual and organisation.;

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By the end of this unit ,you should be able to ;
  • Explain what is recuritment ,selection and placement.
  • Mention the two main sources of recruitment.
  • Mention the importance



This is the process of searching for and obtaining sufficient number and quality of potential job seekers or applicants to enable the organisaton to select the most appropriate people to fill its job needs. It is pertinet to note that the process of recruitment must begin with a clear specification or understanding of manpower needs. It should consider the time that the manpower requirement must be met for instance the Labour market for fresh graduates with less than year experience in the National Youths Service Corps. Labour market simple means an area where employers could easily get the type of workers they need to carry out relevant duties and employees are available to sell their labour or seek employment .

Selection and Placement

Selection is a process of gathering information for the purposes of evalvating and deciding who should be employed or hired for the short and Long-term interests of the individual and the organisation.In otherwords it is the process of getting the best of most qualified condidates from the pool of job seekers adjudged to have potentialfor job performance.

The importance of selection and placement

The importance of selection and placement ;
  1. To fairly and without any element of discriminiation evalvate job applicants in view of individual differnces and capabilities .
  2. To empploy qualified and competent hands that can meet the job requirenment of the organisation
  3. To place job applicants in the best interest of the organisation and the individual.
  4. To help in human resources|manpower planning purposes in organisation.
  5. To reduce recruitment cost that may arise as a result of poor selection and placement exercises.

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of some problems of employees selection and placement in Nigeria:
  1. Bias and prejudice .
  2. Tribalism and other sentimental consideration.
  3. Political balancing or quata system.
  4. godfatherism and long legism
  5. Halo effects
  6. Lack of adequate and proper training of personnel and humam resources officers.
  7. Lack of adequate funds

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Find the Remedies for solving the problems of selection and placement in your country