Lesson 2.Human Resource Planning (HRP)

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Lesson 2: Human Resource Planning (HRP)


Human Resource Planning is the process of systematically forecasting the future demand and supply for employees and the deployment of their skills within the strategic objectives of the organization. This lesson outline the way in which early approaches to manpower planning were a response to the importance of business strategy and planning in order to ensure the availability at the necessary supply of people, in terms of both number and quality.

Effectiveness of Manpower planning and HRP'

Manpower information could be used to initiate an understanding of problems such as low employee retention, with a follow-up using qualitative data before solutions were found. Manpower planning could play a vital role in the management of the employment relationship. HRP can be seen to be a continuation and extension of this process, which fully recognize the potential of people and their needs in the development of strategies and plans.

Problems with HRP'

HRP has been advocated as presenting the value of people as assets, but there has been a lack of valid and reliable model of measurement. Several organizations, especially in Sweden, have incorporated HRP methods into their management control processes but research suggests some ambivalence of managers towards their use.


• “when an organization is mapping out its future needs, it is a serious mistake to think primarly in terms of number , flows and economic models”. Discuss