Lesson 1 :Television Production

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T.V. Production is the art of putting sound and pictures together to tell a story by the help of t,v, cameras and microphones. This mode of communication was invented in the 18th Century and has proven to be very effective and interesting.


  1. Talkshows
  2. Documentaries
  3. Dramas
  4. Quizes
  5. Musicals
  6. eatures.

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  • Discuss types of tv productions
  • Discuss the uses of tv prodcions
  • Effects of tv productions-advantages and disadvantages
  1. Uses of tv productions
  2. Effects of tv productions
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Conclusion

Lesson Content

  1. Select type of production
  2. Features of selected type
  3. 3Examples of selected type.
  4. Advantages of selected type
  5. Disadvantages of selected type

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There are different types of tv productions and one needs to select according to the target group of viewers.

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  1. Read the history of tv production before your next lesson
  2. Select the most eftive type of production if your target groud is mostly teenagstory com