Lesson 1: Principles and Practice of Floor Construction

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Floor construction is the most serious activity in the building process serving as the main link between sub- structure and super-structure. Apart from the foundation, the floor of the building serves as the most immediate support for super-structure. The loads of the walls and columns and imposed loads are first transmitted to the floor before reaching the foundation concrete. The inability of a floor to support the above loads and onward transmission will indicate the ineffective nature of the whole building. To ensure that floors are effectively constructed and serve the desired purpose, the knowledge of appropriate principles and practice is very necessary. Your knowledge of these principles and their application will enable you to understand and undertake floor construction competently.

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The objective of this coarse is to facilitate to stakeholders how to improve quality of work on distant learning mode online.


The content will involve the principles and practices that can ensure effective floor construction. You will explain the principles and practices to enhance effective interpretation. The principles and practice of floor construction are as follows: ENSURING STABILITY OF A FLOOR. By principle, a good floor is expected to provide a stable link between the sub-structure and the super structure of a building. When the floor is able to sustain the loads and stress subjected to it, then the stability of the super-structure is assured. The failure of any floor to support and protect the walls, columns, beams, and others is indeed a total failure of the construction processes.The illustrations of the different buildings show the importance of floors in every type of building structure. To make floors stable, the following are important:


Using appropriate materials for the floor include the following : Acquiring the desired type of aggregates ie sand, stone, binding material and water --Adopting the correct proportions of the aggregates and binding material. Ensure uniform mixture of the concrete and its workability. --Following the working procedures without any compromise.

  1. Compaction of the hardcore filling and providing cement grout blinding base.
  2. Provide key to the surface of the blinding base to ensure good adhesion

--The floor as a principle should support imposed and super- imposed loads. -- Materials being used should be suitable for the purpose. --There should be the need to sustain the durability of the floor by using other materials. --For floors to serve the expected functions the use of appropriate construction techniques are necessary. -- The desired floor members should be used to enhance the effective functioning of the entire concrete floor structure. Template:SUMMARY Interview at least 2 women who had given birth {{ask if thet had experience any problems/difficulties during ist trimester. if any what were they what did they did to overcome those problems Template:READING Tsorgali 16:19, 26 February 2007 (CET)