Lesson 1: Police Administrative Report

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Reports help to identify crime risks and distribution of personnel in the planning of operations. They serve as a source of accurate data/information on which decisions and policies may be based. They refresh the minds of personnel in connection with further investigation and administration

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To help educate Police personnel on how to write a good report as well as to inform them of the necessary ingredient needed in writing good Administrative Report. At the end of lecture officers/readers should be able to appreciate what report is about in general and what administration report is in particular. Officers will know the important elements needed in writing administrative report.

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Lesson Content

  • Definition
  • Types of report
  • Classification
  • Qualities
  • Essential elememts
  • Composition of a report
  • Assignment

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Report is a detailed account of an incident observed, information received or findings of an investigation which establishes the truth or otherwise of an issue or allegation. Police Report establishes fact(s) of cases received for record purposes

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Classification of Reports

Reports may be classified into three main group,namely

  • Routine Reports- Situational,Monthly and memorandum etc.
  • Occasional Report - Administrative, Crime , Accident, Intelligence.
  • Special Report of a Commission

Types of Police Report

There are several types of police reports including ;

  1. Situational Report,
  2. Intelligence Report,
  3. Crime and
  4. Administrative reports.

However, all can be grouped under Administrative and Crime Reports Sam.png

Administrative Report

It is a detailed written account of an incident, crime, violation or unprofessional behavior or misconduct of a personnel member which gives comprehensive information to warrant administrative decisions on the matter. Unlike Crime Report, it is geared towards administrative misconduct, unprofessional conduct of an officer and other issues which enable police administration to take a firm and bold decision which can stand the text of time.

In writing an Administrative Report one should think of the reconstruction of the incident or crime and to know that the object of a report is to inform but not to entertain whoever reading it.

The qualities of Administrative Report

A good Police Administrative Report should have the following qualities  ;

  • It must be complete
  • Accurate - Accuracy is very important as such check time, names of persons and places
  • Brief - brevity but not lengthy. Avoid superfluous
  • Clear - Clarity is most important. Simple but not complex sentences. Avoid ambiguous words
  • Courteous - Polite in choice of wards

A guide or essential questions to answer when writing a good report

  1. What?
  2. When?
  3. Where?
  4. Why? and
  5. How?

What? – offense committed or incident, source of complaint, issue at stake.

When ?- when did the incident happened/occur, when was it reported to the police

Where ?- place of the incident as well as where it was reported, where about of exhibits and other evidential items or materials necessary to enrich the investigation and if possible prosecution and gain conviction.

Why ?- the question of why enables the police officer to ascertain the reason behind the commission of the act.

How ?- How did it occur, circumstances surrounding it occurrence, how did the incident or the issue get to police.

When ?- when did the incident happened/occur, when was it reported to the police.


  • Heading - Well capture topic indicating what is in the report or what the report is about the incident or the event.
  • Introduction - brief sentence or statement directing the attention of the reader. It normally the brief fact of the report or the complaint as received by the Police. It includes some of the following
  1. name of complainant(source of information)and address(box,house number, phone number if possible)
  2. name(s) of whoever accompanied the complainant or the reporter.
  3. the nature of complaint
  4. date of offense
  5. name of offender or suspect
  6. place of offense
  7. any injury or casualty
  • Body -Full details of police action and investigation revelation.
  1. It includes police response,
  2. any medical form issued to an injured persons or victim if any.
  3. observation at the scene.
  4. statement taken from all parties including complainant,suspects and witnesses.
  5. arrest
  6. results of investigation
  7. bail of suspect(police officer concerned or involved)
  • summary of statement

It indicates the various Police action and necessary movement to the crime scene, hospital, search as well as other important revelations relating to the incidents. It contains a lot of paragraphs with each paragraph exhausting one issue/action or activity.

  • Conclusion -
  1. Summary of Findings of the investigation base on evidence which hinges on senses.
  2. State the offense committed with regard to the relevant section of the applicable laws or professional ethics or code of conduct.
  • Recommendation-
  1. Suggest ways to stop, reduce or improve the occurrence of the offense/crime or incident.
  2. State the appropriate mode of trial if necessary.

A complete and good administrative report can be likened to the body of human being which has various parts which contribute functionally for the survival of the whole system. The heading, introduction, body, conclusion and recommendation have a coordinating function or role to play for a good report to be written.

  • Report/ Body
  • Heading/Head
  • Introduction/neck
  • Body/Body
  • Conclusion/upper part of legs
  • Recommendation/Lower part of legs

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On 2-2-07 at about 2000hours, Kofi Sammy a recruit on training at Regional Police Training School, Malam left the school confinement to Malam town without permission. He returned to base the following day 3-2-07 at 0500hours heavily drunk. He could not control himself as such was brought in a hired taxi with registration number ER 55X driven by Emmanuel Tetteh and met Inspector Raymond at the Charge Office who detained him and later informed the Commanding Officer ASP/MR Samuel Asiedu who after hearing the information demanded for a comprehensive administrative report.

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In writing administrative reports the police officer should use good and informative words as heading. He should use the first paragraph to talk about the facts of the the complaint or incident as reported. He should dedicate the body of the report to the police movement, on the spot or preliminary investigation and investigation revelation. The conclusion should cover the findings of the investigation based on evidence and the recommendation should suggest necessary steps to take in order to prevent or encourage future occurrence.

Read a book on report writing written by Dr. S . A . Okanta titled FORMS OF POLICE REPORT


Reports are very important in an organisation. Police personnel, as agents of social control and bureaucratic institutions, should endeavor to write good reports at all times in order to support good decision making in administration