Lesson 1. Introduction

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Think about farmers in the rural areas experiencing problems related to soils- what preknowledge do you have about soils and major causes of soil degradation?

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By the end of this lesson you will know how:
  • 1: Soils differ in properties
  • 2: Soils differ in processes (degradative and destructive)

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These are the questions you will answer

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What is soil?

2. What are soil types?

3. What is the composition of soil?

4. What are the properties of soil?

5. What are the major processes in soil?

6. Can you name the processes in soil categorized as constructive?

7. Can you name the soil processes classified as destructive?

8. How do tell a soil that is degraded?

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Soils vary widely in space and time and require different managment practices

As an example here is an image
Image courtesy of I@MAK.COM