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Did you know that you cannot use a wheel from a Toyota auto on a Ford auto? Why? Because manufacturers make even wheels especially to fit only the cars they produce so they can't be exchanged on autos made by other manufacturers. As long as we have had wheels on this planet and they are not "cross platform" i.e. usable on different vehicles made by different companies in different countries, and we still have proprietary wheel technology existing, think how long it will take to achieve a low tech solution to talk Voice over the Internet, something much more complex, in computers that allows anyone, with very little bandwidth, less than a dial up connection to the internet, i.e. down to 17 kbps, to talk at no cost other than their ISP costs to others around the world. When Andy Carvin raised the concern over the fact that Microsoft's Windows technology was a bit too exclusive for this event, we had already formed a partnership with Tapped In which was cross platform on a variety of operating systems for text chat and we arranged with Tapped In to have people staffing the Reception Room for support during his event. That's about as much as can be done with today's technology by anyone working in the Digital Divide. I hope this clarifies the situation we all face working in this area with the current technology tools we have at our disposal.

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