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Importance of Career Guidance

Different Careers


Mathematics and Science Education


Maths and Science Education as a career can be obtained from the Lesotho College of Education. To acquire this, one has to be registered in the faculty of science-department of pure sciences. This career allows one to be a professionally committed and copetent maths and science teachers, who can teach maths and science confidently up to high school level.

Since maths and science teachers are scarce,being one gives you an advantage over other teachers. Furthermore, with maths and science education, one has opportunities of joining other careers other than teaching, eg. engineering.

The Maths and Science Education programme has been designed for the following:

  • students with prior teaching experience,but without recognised teaching certificate;
  • those with teaching certificates but would want to better thier qualification; *Cambridge school leavers.


Admission into the Maths and Science Education programme is open to anyone who meets the minimum admission requirements from all over the world.

Minimum Entry Requirements
  • College Entry Requirements

To be admitted into the Lesotho College of Education, candidates should have four (4)credits and a pass in any subjects.

  • Maths and Science Education Entry Requirements

Once admitted in the College, the requirements for entry into the pure sciences are as follows:

  1. at least a pass in mathematics and any one of the science subjects such as biology, bio-chem, phy-chem and combined science.
  1. teaching experience

Office Administration and Management

Business Management

Business Education

Marketing Management