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Workshop at ADA digital-critical-matter, the 6th ADA symposium, Victoria University, Wellington 26th June.

Leonardo Education Forum (LEF) Aotearoa, 2-5pm

This is a forum where issues in digital media practice as these impact education are discussed. Following the setting up of an Aotearoa New Zealand LEF at SCANZ in February, we have the opportunity to be networked world wide with educators who are examining some of the same issues. Drawing on the concerns of LEF we will address four focus issues in the workshop:

1. The Role of Research in media art & science & technology
This topic is searching for a statement of the issues involved in applied research across disciplines - easy or hard here, and how important?

2. The role of Curricula: Mapping the terrain
Mapping Histories of digital media practice and education in New Zealand. What are the issues?

3. The role of Institutions: Institutional / Organizational Capacities and Benchmarks
Do existing criteria for research in Aotearoa adequately meet the demands of electronic media practice and processes?

4. Network-centric and Intercultural Learning Methods and Processes
An opportunity to state the adequacy of academic institutions in addressing fundamental issues of place, awareness and knowledge. What is the contribution from Aotearoa to the international community on this subject?

In the workshop we will make a start at addressing these issues, share information, resources and ideas, and the future direction we take will be determined by those who participate. This workshop is open to anyone working within media arts education in Aotearoa; whether in studio, theory or workshop environments. For further information visit the symposium website, or contact the workshop chairs: Su Ballard sballard@tekotago.ac.nz and Trudy Lane trudy@scanz.net.nz


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