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Lectora is a e-learning creation platform which was produced and released in 1999 by Trivantis Corporation, founded by Timothy D. Loudermilk in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, it shows its presence in more than 125 countries[1].It is a proprietary software which needs to be purchased. No free version is available though only 30 days trial is available for the users.

In 2000, Lectora became the first AICC-certified authoring system on the market. This achievement gave Lectora the credibility it needed to gain acceptance in the elearning industry.Although Lectora was created to enable non-programmers to develop elearning content, recent versions of the product also include advanced features for experienced users.


  • It provides single-click publishing to Web-ready dynamic HTML, CD, single file executable, SCORM, and AICC learning standards without the need for programming knowledge.
  • It includes an internal content management system that makes course creation easy for the average computer user.
  • It enables users to create tests and surveys using any combination of true/false, multiple choice, matching, hot spot, drag and drop, essay, and short answer formats. Test results can be submitted via email, CGI script, XML, SCORM, AICC or LRN standards-compliant learning management systems.
  • Lectora’s Actions Palette enables users to create interactive learning objects using show and hide functionality, mouseovers, object visibility toggling, and more to engage learners with onscreen activities. Users can incorporate Variable Knowledge Objects with the Actions Palette to create branched learning scenarios for adaptive learning.
  • It has a set of automated tools, including Title Wizards, Spell Check, Automated Menu Builder and Reference Lists.

Versions Lectora is available in following versions-

  • Lectora Publisher – Lectora Publisher is the standard version of Lectora.
  • Lectora Inspire - Lectora Inspire includes all the features and functionality included in Lectora Publisher and also includes Camtasia® for Lectora, Snagit® for Lectora, and Flypaper™ for Lectora.
  • Lectora Professional Publishing Suite - Lectora Professional Publishing Suite includes all the features and functionality included in Lectora Publisher and also includes a set of media editing tools.


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