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This pre-event list of topics is to let people know what kinds of activities are of interest and might end up on the planning board (aka the "space-time matrix" or "schedule") which starts off empty at the start of day 1 in events like this.

  • Add topic ideas for 2013 below (and feel free to include some from [year])
    • and sign (with '~~~' after logging in) if you would be interested in attending the topic if it comes up at the event
    • if you proposed the topic here, sign with 4 tildes '~~~~' which will include the date (and also indicates that you might be willing to convene the session and ensure outputs are produced at the event).
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A comparison of file system APIs

Proposer: John Kostaras

A comparison of file system APIs:

  • java.io (pre Java 7)
  • java.nio (Java 7)
  • NetBeans FileSystems API



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