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Figure 1: Strategies for nine dimensions of reflective practice. Based on work by Paula Zwozdiak-Myers (2012).

The strategies covered in this section are based on nine dimensions of reflective practice described by Paula Zwozdiak-Myers (2012) in The teacher's reflective practice handbook - available as an e-book at the Robertson library. You will be prompted to log in. More explanation of the strategies that you can use for reflective practice in each dimension is outlined next, and can be used to guide you with the portfolio activity for this topic.

Dimensions and Strategies

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  • Choose at least two dimensions of reflective practice, including one that is unfamiliar to you, and explore the material on this page.
  • For one dimension - describe how you are already using the strategy in your reflective practice and what this involves.
Reflect on whether this strategy has helped you to improve your practice, and why.
  • For the second dimension - discuss how you might use the strategy in the future.
Why do you believe that this strategy could strengthen your practice and develop your capability?

Click on the expand button Blue-collapse-button.png to the right of each dimension to view an explanation and details of related strategies:


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