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Case Study: Brett

Once the literacy diagnostic assessments have been carried out, each learner negotiates a learning agreement with the department's support tutor.

This agreement includes three areas.

  • Specific learning goals which identify the priority literacy skills to be developed.
  • Specific learning strategies which will help the learner achieve the goals.
  • How the learner will be supported to achieve the goals.


Case Study: Emilia

All of Emilia's students take part in a significant work placement in the public health field. To make sure this is a valuable experience, they meet with a facilitator to develop a learning agreement.

This agreement identifies several aspects.

  • Specific goals for the work placement.
  • One or more professional mentors from within the work placement organisation.
  • How the learner will be supported by academic staff in a mentoring role.
  • The responsibilities of the learner, the institution and the work placement organisation.


Extra resources

  • The Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education uses Learning Agreements for projects. An example of a Learning Agreement is available.
  • For more information, see the Work-based learning section on learning agreements.