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By the end of week 2, you should have
  • Introduced yourself by posting a message to the Introductions forum - including a few lines about your expectations of the course.
    This will allow us to get to know each other early on.

  • Read through the Course Guide here in WikiEducator.
    Make sure you are clear about the course expectations, especially the assessment requirements.

  • Familiarised yourself with WikiEducator.
    Learning to navigate through the course materials and Portfolio Activities will make your study much easier.

  • Worked through the digital literacy self-evaluation.
    This will help you to identify the digital skills you already have as well as areas to develop.

  • Set up an eportfolio.
    If also using a personal blog, I recommend

  • Refreshed your understanding of key skills in managing information ethically and effectively.

Once you feel confident, especially with using WikiEducator and your blog, you are ready to get started on the first module. Well done!

Use the Study Desk as your starting page for accessing all the modules and topics.

I hope you enjoy the course and look forward to working with you.