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Learner profiles were introduced in the Knowing the learner module. Emilia and Brett are going to develop learner profiles for their specific situations as they will help them to create more inclusive learning environments. A learner profile can be created as a diagram or concept map or as a list of bullet points, or using a table.


Case Study: Emilia

Emilia has developed a learner profile using a table outlining the characteristics of 120 students studying Public Health Policy.


Case Study: Brett

Learner Profile for a class of 25 students taking carpentry courses. Brett uses a list of bullet points.
  • Age range: 16 to 35 years.
  • Gender: 22 males and three females.
  • Ethnicity: 17 New Zealand European, three New Zealand Maori, three Pacific Island, one Netherlands and one Scottish.
  • Previous experience: Six students have previously worked on building sites as laborers. Seven students build things at home. Two students have their own contract businesses working as carpenters but have no formal qualifications.
  • Literacy and Numeracy: Scores on the learning progressions generally range from low to medium. Two people scored high for literacy.
  • Computer skills: All students apart from five have a computer and access to the Internet at home. The students with a home computer rate their skills as beginner to moderate. The five students have developed some basic computing and Internet searching skills at school.
  • Use of mobile devices: All students have a cellphone. Fifteen students have smart phones, and three students only have a basic cellphone. Two students have ipads, and 15 five students have lap tops.
  • Previous study: No-one in the group has a post-secondary qualification, and half left school with NCEA level 1 (National Certificate of Educational Achievement).
  • Learning ability: All apart from two students are novice learners in the online environment. They all have limited experience in planning and regulating any form of study.
  • Reasons for taking the course: All students want to become qualified carpenters. Six students are wanting promotion on the building sites where they work. The two business owners want credibility in the housing sector and wish to extend the type of work that they do. The majority of the others want employment in the construction industry, one person wants to work on a project for his community helping to renovate a marae, one person wants to help build his own house on a housing estate, and another wants to build a straw bale house as a holiday home.

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Develop a learner profile for a specific group of students for which you intend to design a more inclusive learning environment.