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Learning About Small Business: Education for the world of work: an introduction to enterprise education is an Open Polytechnic of New Zealand project commissioned by The Commonwealth of Learning and UNESCO. Written and designed by Marian Jaquiery, Education and Training Advisor, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

This package includes an adaptation guide for the delivering institution, a tutor's pack,and a particpant's workbook.

The full package is available to download.

You can also view the material on the Commonwealth of Learning's website.

The modules include:

Part One: Business Skills

  • Module 1. Skills
  • Module 2. Things you need to know
  • Module 3. Pricing
  • Module 4. The market
  • Module 5. Money
  • Module 6. Banking
  • Module 7. Bookkeeping
  • Module 8. Communicating with people
  • Module 9. Organising yourself
  • Module 10. Rules and regulations
  • Module 11. A business plan
  • Module 12. Budgeting

Part Two: Information and communication technologies

  • Module 1. The telephone and fax
  • Module 2. Television and radio
  • Module 3. The computer: word processing
  • Module 4. The computer: the Internet
  • Module 5. E-business