Learning Disabilities/Good Practices

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Arrowsmith School, Toronto

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JVS, Toronto

  • Initial intake and assessment session
  • One-on-one counselling to clarify learning styles/disabilities
  • Development of a Return-to-Work Plan
  • Employment-related workshops
  • Job search support
  • Ongoing job coaching and job maintenance support

York University (Learning Disability Services, Career Mentorship Program)

The Career Mentorship Program is a career development option offered by Learning Disability Services at [York University - Mentorship(416-736-5297). It is an opportunity for York University students with LDs to be matched with career mentors to work together to facilitate the career goals of the students.

Students apply on-line to the program, stating their career goals and their reasons for wanting to join the program.

The career specialist in LDS makes one-to-one matches between student participants and mentors.

In addition, all students and mentors participate in group meetings to facilitate networking and relevant professional development for all participants.

Mentors share work knowledge, experience, and connections. In turn, the students offer the mentors a chance to learn first hand about persons with LDs. Together they can work towards understanding employment equity issues.

Students meet with their mentor six (6) times during an academic year, usually at the mentor’s work site. Mentors and students are also expected to attend several group meetings at York University.