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Design Guide Instructions

Use this page to start a new Design Decision Guide for your project. To learn more about this process, see: [Link to Instructions]

The design guide is a set of questions you can consider as part of a learning design process for WikiEducator resources. It has been designed particularly for groups who wish to collaborate on the development of educational resources for WikiEducator.

The guide is designed for you to complete within the Edit pages of the wiki. Your compiled responses to the questions will eventually create a Design Plan for resources you are designing and developing on the wiki. Of course, these guides are not exclusive and you will almost certainly want to add or change elements to make them relevant to your context.

In the Edit mode you will notice information that remains hidden on the actual Article page once it is saved. This is the information within the ********** lines. It is for your reference and does not appear on your final design planning document. Write your ideas outside of the ********* lines.

Start by giving your project a title, then click the Create New Design Guide button to work on your design plan.