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Phase 1: Clarification of Project Aims

It is important that everyone who comes in to work on the project is clear about what it is aiming to achieve. This space is to for you to articulate your aims and ensure you all have a common understanding of what you are working toward.

In one paragraph, write down the main purpose of the resource you are creating here:

Phase 2: Understanding of learning need

For any resource to be useful it must meet the needs of the people for whom it is designed and it must be usable within their context for learning. This space is to help you develop a clear picture of the needs of your learners/users and articulate what it is you want them to be able to do. It should also guide you to consideration of the context in which your resource will be used.

Ensuring learners drive your design

Who are the learners/users/target audience?

What do we need to find out from them?

Who should be questioned as a representative group of the learners?

How will information from learners be gathered and dealt with?

Designers’/Teachers’ Perspective

What are the overall learning goals/objectives for our resource or course? What changes do we want our learners to show as a result of using our resource?

How is what we know about our learners/users (from above questions) going to impact our decisions?

Where is the learning going to take place and how are we going to cater for that?

What types of learning activities are our users going to need to DO to achieve the learning goals?

How are we going to check (assess) achievement of the learning goals?

What feedback will learners need to receive to know how they are going?

How are the learners going to communicate with each other and ‘teachers’ while they work through the resource?

What resources and tools already exist to support the attainment of learning goals?

How will these be utilized?

What, if any, new resources need to be created?

What support will learners need?

What support is available?

What technology will be available and how will it be used to match learning needs?

Who is going to do all of this? What roles and responsibilities will people take? Do we need to invite others in to the project?

How will all of this be achieved? Deadlines? Scope? Budget?